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Veterans' Day 11/11/2019

Wrenn Park: Waiting for Ceremony to start

Dana Hughes, Gerald Peek, and Rick Clapp prepare for Flag raising

Jamestown Veterans Committee Chairman Arthur Wise welcomes everyone

1_Wrenn Park.JPG
2_Chairman Art Wise.JPG
3_Flag Raising -1.JPG

Wreath presentation by Dana Hughes and Janet Ratledge to honor all Veterans

4_Veterans' Day Wreath.JPG

Jamestown Mayor Lynn Montgomery presents Proclamation 

5_Mayor Reading Proclamation.JPG

JVC Program Chairman Gerald Peek introduces Veterans' Day speaker

6_Gerald Intro.JPG

Speaker Fred Sisley, General, USMC (Ret) delivers remarks 

7_General Sisley Speaking.JPG

General Sisley with Marines Jack Masarie and Gerald Peek


Mayor Lynn Montgomery chats with General Sisley


BSA Troop 17 conducted a Flag Retirement Ceremony to properly dispose of damaged US Flags

10_Boy Scouts Flag Retirement-1.JPG
11_Flag Retirement-2.JPG
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