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Due to an administrative error, we cannot located the original information for the following Veterans. 


If you have any information for any of the names listed below, please contact Bruce Dillon at 336 - 906 - 5362,   or send email to:

1st Lt. W.T. Amaker

SSgt Richard P. Miller - US Army

James Willard

Laura Skinner - US Navy 1982-2004

Clay Babcock Allen, USMC

James W. Willard, Jr. - Air Force 1956-1964

Michael G. Allen, USMC

1st Sgt W.T. Amaker USMC

FLC Walter Piwoschuk

Pfc Austin Venable - US Army WWII

Donald K. Dedderar & Robert G. Pope

Pfc Kenneth Knapp - US Army

Earl Winslow - US Navy

MD Calvin Johnson - US Navy 1943-1945 US Army 1945-1952

Frank Phillips - US Army WWII

John Hawkins - US Army Honor Guard General MacArthur

Frank Phillips Jr. - Air Force 1964-1968

Maj. Steve Jones - ABN RGN 82nd NCA&TCU 1979

Anthony Phillips - US Army 2006-2007

GC Loflin Jr. - US Marine 6th Div. World War II

Jesse Q. Cheeves, US Military

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